Garden tour – 10/6/17

Still holding on

The Globe Amaranth is finally showing signs of fading but what a show it put on for months. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth mentioning again, to myself.




You know it’s October

When there is artwork left behind each morning.





I said “Oh, shit” out loud when I saw the flowers on this Pennisetum early this morning. They are completely blinding. I think my eyesight is still screwed up hours later.



Sorbaria (Sem False Spirea) in front of Schizachyrium (Little Bluestem) in front of Panicum ‘Rots’ (Switch Grass).



I kind of like them. Especially in October.





Savoring Fall via Instagram

I can’t take enough of these types of photos.




That’s Why I Wrote the Book

The seed heads left behind on the Boltonia look fantastic right now.





5 thoughts on “Garden tour – 10/6/17

  1. Chuck

    As always, a pleasure to read your blog and see your photos. Also, I can hardly wait until Spring training next year to read and see you and your families’ adventures there. Go Mets.

  2. Meg

    Love your beautiful photographs. Like you, I don’t use many annuals, but your pictures may have inspired me to try Globe amaranth next year. Remind us next spring. Your pictures show why New Jersey is known as the Garden State.

  3. AnnJ

    Thank you for your posts, especially the pictures of the spider webs and Pennisetum. As always, they are a real vacation from everything that’s going on these days.

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